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You are an extraordinary high-performer and You’ve done things most people will never do

and yet ... at this moment of your life You may be:

Struggling to accomplish what you really want

You would benefit from becoming super clear about where you're going in life and business, and exactly how to get there. Overcome what is holding you back from what you want. Remove unsupportive behaviors, beliefs and habits, so that you can easily take focused action in the desired direction without self-sabotage.

Accomplishing things with stress and anxiety

You are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the fast-paced and chaotic nature of modern life and work. You want to move away from the constant pressure, urgency and high levels of cortisol impacting your health, interactions with others and joy of life.

Feeling unfulfilled by all you have accomplished

You realized that despite the financial and professional success, world-wide travels and material goods, something is still missing in your life. You may be experiencing burnout or stagnation and wonder what should be your next step towards feeling fully alive again.

I don't filter by achievements. I Filter by Mindset.

who am i?

Entrepreneur turned into an Executive coach

  • Started IT company at age 22 and within 2 years grew it to 12 people
  • Built software development department from scratch in one of the top startups in Poland (+35M funding)
  • Spent 10+ years in IT and business, creating products, leading teams, cooperating with C-level executives and board members
My story:

Over the years, I had pushed myself to the limits in high-pressure environments. I worked excessively, neglecting my health and rest. Although, I achieved great things in a short span of time, it came at a price…

I struggled with overwhelm and chronic stress for years without realizing that it had evolved into an anxiety disorder that was ruining my life.

Eventually, I made a decision to resign from my business and career pursuit and embarked on a new path. Since then, I’ve worked with numerous mentors from both “western” and “eastern” fields like psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, philosophy, mindfulness and breathwork. 

I combined science with wisdom that has been passed down for thousands of years. In doing so, I’ve been able to heal my nervous system, get rid of unsupportive thoughts and behaviors and as a result, significantly improved my life.

Now I know you can be successful and fulfilled without getting lost in the hustle. The problem is, most high-achievers often realize that too late… like me… after they fall apart

My mission is to get to these leaders BEFORE so they can reclaim time, space, and freedom in their personal life while accomplishing their wildest professional dreams in a sustainable way.

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    "I received support on strategy and tactics but also mindset and emotions"

    Your holistic approach sets you apart. You do not only supported me with your knowledge and experience on strategy and tactics but also took into account mindset and emotions, which play an essential role in our actions and decisions.

    I knew you worked with entrepreneurs and had experience in these environments. I was looking for someone who understands how to shape the mindset, not just strategically and logically but also on a deep, psychological and emotional level.

    When dealing with a business-related issue, I wouldn't choose to go to a regular therapist.

    I felt I could open up emotionally. I felt safe and understood. I managed to solve a partnership conflict - gaining a deeper understanding of the root cause. I learned how to conduct a calm and composed conversation without being swayed by emotions, felt more in control and set boundaries assertively.

    I would recommend the sessions to other entrepreneurs facing high-pressure, high-stakes, high-gear situations involving relationships, emotions, and work.
    Founder & CEO
    "Session felt like a trip on psychodelic mushrooms but without mushrooms"

    I loved the safe space you've created. Being able to work through my challenges without judgment while moving at my pace. The important elements for me were that you do not impose anything while leading someone but listen deeply to individual needs and adapt to the person.

    I connected with an extremely difficult part of myself that I didn't want to meet my whole life. Despite being a therapist and working with my emotions myself, I would never be able to go there alone.
    Kamila Surma
    “More effective than therapy or mentoring”

    I chose you because of your IT and business experience. I felt like you never judge and genuinely try to help me.

    Initially, I wanted to discuss business topics but we dove deep and other issues emerged. We uncovered second and third layers, delving deeper into the root of the problem (personal life) rather than just focusing on the surface level. We resolved topics quickly and addressed the point right away. I got value right away; there was an immediate effect.

    What you offer is different than therapy because the results are much quicker. Also, I like your holistic approach because we can find non obvious connections and go through various aspects of life. Compared to business mentoring where the session are only limited to the boundaries of a specialization area of a mentor (no emotions, no personal life).
    Founder & CEO
    “Loneliness at the top - not many people can understand the problems and challenges of a CEO”

    This year was difficult for the business and super challenging for me personally. I felt stuck - experiencing symptoms of depression and burnout. Uncertain future, lack of plan and clear vision, being afraid that what I had built over the years would fall apart. I felt that wherever I go, I can sink into quicksand.

    We learn how to manage people and companies, we become mentors and coaches for our people but quite often we don't have it for ourselves…

    We experience loneliness at the top syndrom because it is not easy to find someone who understands the reality of a founder and CEO. Our problems and challenges often go beyond what support our friends and family can offer and it is not easy to find a peer that we can talk to regularly.

    During the sessions I felt that I can share my problems, and someone understands me - it gave me a relief and a "wow" effect. I immediately felt relieved, it helped me regulate and release the emotions that were accumulating in my for months.

    I found you understanding, non-judgemental and extremely empathetic, with really positive energy. I haven't encountered anything like this before. I also liked that you are very effective - you don't say that the effects will after X weeks/months - we move forward and get results very quickly, it's specific and action-oriented.

    - I came out of depression and walk firmly on the ground
    - I resolved the conflict with my business partner so we can again move the business forward together
    - The financial situation in the company and my personal life has significantly improved
    - I have a lot of energy on a daily basis, I see meaning in what I do and I wake up with a smile on my face
    Founder & CEO
    "It was like learning how to fish instead of just getting handed a fish..."

    Even though I am a highly self-reflective person, I gained a lot of extra insights into how I operate. I uncovered a lot of deep “I don’t know what I don’t know” problems and managed to take responsibility for solving them.

    I also learned tools and techniques to deal with certain situations. One of the things was coping with anxiety and stress about the future (e.g. an upcoming important conversation or high stakes presentation). It was like learning how to fish instead of just getting handed a fish.

    What was a big game changer for me was that intense periods at work stopped being a mental and emotional struggle for me. Now I am able to execute with more focus and calm even when my todo list is overwhelming. I am also more committed to proper planning and prioritizing that helped me to take more control of my work and move into proactivity (focus on the most important tasks) instead of reactivity (focus on urgency).

    Moreover, after one of the sessions I even stopped driving aggressively which my wife wanted to persuade me about for years.
    VP of Technology
    “Deep and effective change”
    Being a new manager and leader is scary. People usually quit because of their managers. You’re responsible for your coworkers like a parent is responsible for their children. You’re very likely to mess up by putting your personal issues onto other people.

    I felt like I had to improve my communication and management approach but the advice you get from books is mostly superficial and tactical. It tells you what to DO but doesn’t change who you ARE as a leader. Sessions with Michal are going very deep. He helped me dig out some ineffective patterns or parts of me from the bottom of my subconsciousness and tweak them so I don’t make the mistakes I was even unaware I was making. It’s been a deep and permanent change. I’m happier as a person, manager and my coworkers are happier and more satisfied too.

    I recently got great feedback from a colleague that I manage directly. It feels like we’re more productive as a team with less effort from my end.
    Kamil Kaminski
    Marketing Director at UpShift
    "Now I am proud of simply being me again."
    The problem I was facing was that I was attaching my self-worth to what others thought of me and only feeling happy when I got external validation of my worth.Another issue was getting too attached to the outcomes and then feeling bad when I didn’t get the result I wanted. That was causing a lot of stress and I couldn’t perform in an optimal state which only added pressure and self-criticism.

    I realised a lot of patterns of my behaviors were coming from my past experiences/childhood when my needs were not met and I tried to get validation from the external world so I could feel like a valuable person. I realised that I felt the need to prove myself so I could have a better opinion of myself.

    I found out that the self-judgment and criticism were coming from inside and I could reduce it internally, regardless of external results.

    Now I am proud of simply being me again. I’ve started to enjoy the journey more than the outcome alone and stopped being so hard on myself. I can approach things from a more relaxed state which allows me to show up more powerfully and confidently. I can be happy with who I am and with being myself and the actions that follow that every single day. I now have more space and clarity about my next actions and I am not in the fear based, survival mode anymore.

    I had some terrible coaching experiences in the past and I was sceptical about working with someone new. When I met Michael I had a feeling that he would be a good match for me. Our first session only confirmed that.

    What I love about working with you is that you create a space where I can open up vulnerably without feeling shame or being judged. This was not easy for me; I am not used to it and am grateful I could experience it.

    Your presence and listening skills are admirable. There is a great depth when working with you, it is not only about the mind-to-mind conversations, it is much more. I feel like my whole body is engaged in the process.

    Overall great coaching - you never failed to change my perspective, I got value from every single session!
    Callum Wilson
    Ex-professional Rugby Player turned Transformational Coach
    "These two months have been a big change for me on many different levels."
    I felt stuck in my life, slowly feeling more dissatisfaction and growing apathy. I knew I needed to make some changes but I was constantly procrastinating on any actions towards it.

    You helped me to break the resistance around starting my new career path and enabled my ability to execute in this direction. What is more, after unlocking many suppressed emotions and allowing them to flow through me I started to feel like I have 2x more energy. I even started to win all my squash matches!

    These two months have been a big change for me on many different levels.

    From gaining more clarity, taming the chaos and figuring out specific solutions to my challenges to significantly improving my relationships with others and building self-confidence by understanding and accepting myself much more.

    I can say you are a true professional and what you do is impressive. I believe 90% of my change was because of you and our work together. I’ve never got such great results especially as quickly as with you. You allowed my vulnerable parts to open up and I shared things with you that I’ve never shared with anyone else before even though I’ve already been in therapy. I am grateful that our paths crossed and that I decided to start working with you.
    Krzysztof Bednarczyk
    Senior Business Controller at IBM | Co-founder of Slow Business Academy
    "I’ve been letting myself show more love and compassion to others…"
    I thought there was no solution to my problems and that I was doomed to feel stuck forever. I half expected him to tell me I was too broken and that he couldn’t help. But he didn’t say that. He just kept listening intently and asking questions as if what I was sharing was totally normal. That surprised me. And pretty soon after that, his questions helped me get to the core of the issue and find a sense of relief. Since then, I’ve been showing up differently in the world. I’ve been judging myself less and accepting myself more. I’ve been letting people see parts of myself that I previously kept hidden. And I’ve been letting myself show more love and compassion to others… all of which has been noticeably improving my relationships.

    Something that stood out to me about working with Michael was how easy it was to dive into and work through deep childhood trauma with him. We’ve had two calls so far and both times I shared things about myself that I’ve never shared with anyone.

    Thanks Michael, you’re a solid coach!
    Peter Zbrojkiewicz
    Copywriting Consultant (Tech, SaaS, Startups)
    “Integrating strength and relentlessness with a need to slow down"
    My whole life I’ve been a strong woman, paving my career in managerial positions in an environment where typically masculine qualities were rewarded. I was able to deal with everything on my own. I would never ask for help and just handle it myself. Nevertheless being strong all the time was exhausting and also often led to moments of apathy.

    When working with Michael I discovered that besides the “strong” part of me, there is also a soft and sensitive part that has been buried and hidden. I never allowed this part to reveal itself because I considered it weak and thought that when I allow it, I will lose my strength. Now I allow for both parts, they are amazing and both have their advantages. I feel more integrity inside because I do not need to suppress anything and can benefit from strength, ambition and determination as well as take more care about myself, my needs, my feminine energy, softness and moments of receiving to fully recover. It brought a lot of joy and lightness into my life.

    The experience working with Michael was unique. I was not too much into thinking and analyzing and more into listening to my inner guidance. First time in my life I had an internal dialog with myself almost like a separate being. I could see and hear different parts of me.
    General Manager (medical industry)
    "I was able to harmonize relaxation and execution".
    I couldn’t integrate the “artistic” and “execution” sides of me. When I was in a more relaxed and creative state I felt guilty about not moving my todo list forward which was creating a lot of tension and self-dissatisfaction and as a result killing my creativity and passion.

    I realized that some patterns of my thoughts and behaviors are just old programs I repeat automatically and what is great is that I can choose to change it from now on.

    The result was that I started to take more care of my energy. I was able to harmonize relaxation and execution. I took action towards a better diet, supplementation and more physical activity. This served me well not only in a self-care sense but also improved my ability to get things done.

    I thought that these kinds of sessions are ineffective and it takes a lot of time to change but I was wrong, I saw the impact after a single session already.
    Ramzi Attia
    Live set DJ, Music Producer, Percussionist

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