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    What we offer

    Scope Of My Services

    I work with leaders, executives and entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey so if you are:

    Struggling to accomplish what you really want

    Suffering from indecisiveness, lack of clarity, or procrastination / You have a big mission and you would benefit from partnering with someone who will challenge your thinking and support you in overcoming obstacles on your way

    Accomplishing things with a great deal of stress and anxiety

    Interested in learning how to navigate your emotions and build mental resilience / You know the power of subconsciousness and emotions and you would like to be able to navigate them effectively. Improve your self awareness, emotional intelligence and mental resilience.

    Feeling unfulfilled by all you have accomplished

    Experiencing burnout, or stagnation

    Then let’s talk and see how I can support you.

    About me:

    Entrepreneur turned into a high-performance coach.

    • Started my own company at age 22 which led me to my first million
    • Built software product development department from scratch in one of the top startups in Poland (+50M funding)
    • Spent 10+ years in IT and business, creating products, leading teams, cooperating with C-level executives and board members

    Most people would say I have achieved great success. However, I struggled with overwhelm and stress for years and developed an anxiety disorder and an incurable autoimmune disease (T1D).

    I decided to go on a self discovery journey. Resigned from my business and career pursuit and embarked on a new path. I’ve studied and worked with dozens of mentors from “western” fields like psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience and “eastern” fields like philosophy, mindfulness, breathwork.

    Now I believe you can be successful and fulfilled without getting lost in the hustle.

    The problem is, most high-achievers often realise that too late… like me… after they fall apart…

    My mission is to get to these leaders BEFORE so they can live a balanced life where they feel fully alive and help them operate at their peak performance in a sustainable manner.


    What They Say

    “Deep and effective change”
    "A lot of the business coaching I’ve had before was just superficial advice I could just get from books myself.
    Sessions with Michal are going very deep, he helps dig out some ineffective patterns or parts of me from the bottoms of my subconsciousness and tweak them so that my “operating system” is set for success. Thanks Michal!"
    Kamil Kaminski
    Marketing Director at a startup
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    I work with leaders, executives and entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

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